ApleCarPlay Tweak

From my observations, the CarPlay-enabled display in supported vehicles typically supports a 2×4 icon grid for a total of 8 icons on the Home Screen. For some folks, this may not be enough, and that’s where Airaw comes in handy. iDB

This Tweak needs to have the Jailbreak on the device.

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Demos imagenes

Airaw API

Airaw API serves to facilitate the creation of widgets for CarPlay. For more information visit the Airaw API page.

If you want to know more detailed creation method, I will reply on Twitter.

Features included

Icon Layout:




Future functions:

  1. Get notifications with CarPlay
  2. Create a folder with CarPlay
  3. Real-time update when changing wallpaperAiraw(1.0)
  4. Status bar time can be changed to your own custom format.Airaw(1.0)
  5. Added weather forecast icon to status bar.Airaw(1.0)